thin × thin
大沼 勇樹

薄い鉄板と細い木材。一見華奢に見える構造体。 しかし触れてみると素材の強さに驚かされます。ちょっと腰掛けてみたり、そのまま小さなテーブルや小さな飾り棚としてつかってみたり、板と組み合わせれば大きな棚にもなります。 使い方はその人の生活に合わせて。鉄のしなやかさ。木の力強さ。普段見慣れた素材。シンプルな形状は生活に馴染み、thin × thinはそんな素材の新しい一面を気づかせてくれます。さりげなく、力強く、あなたの生活を支えます。

Thin iron and thin wood.
At first glance, its structure seems delicate, but with a feel, you’ll actually find it to be surprisingly strong. Use it as a stool,
a small table or a small cabinet. Stack several and you’ll find they serve as a sizable shelving unit.
The usage of this product depends on the lifestyle of its owner. The flexibility of its iron is matched by the flexibility of its usage.
Supple yet strong, through a simple and familiar form, I hope that thin x thin can show you a new side to familiar materials and complement your lifestyle.